Monday, October 3, 2011

Fallout New Vegas Lonesome Road - Review

Fallout New Vegas released its fourth add-on recently. I ended up trying it out since I'm a Fallout fan! Here's my thoughts about it.

This add-on takes place in the Divide. The Divide is a landscape that was torn apart from storms and earthquakes. In the Divide you meet "Courier Six", a man named Ulysses. Ulysses refused to deliver the Platinum chip which you end up delivering. Any way this land is torn apart, beaten, completely destroyed.

When you first enter the Divide you get to see the entire city which is torn apart by a huge crack in the middle. You really get to see what has happened in the Divide. You then carry on and find a robot named ED-E. Sound familiar? It isn't the ED-E you find in the Mojave Desert. This ED-E can do many things to benefit you on your journey. You later talk to Ulysses through ED-E and he starts you on your journey in the Divide.

When I started playing this add-on I was quite excited when I saw the great Divide from afar. I was even more excited when I say ED-E. After I entered the world below I noticed it was destroyed and dusty. Not much life was left it seemed. A great start when playing a new add-on!

The story line so far has been great and I've had many new surprises . You fight new enemies with many new weapons and gear. I will warn you that it is hard, you need to strategize your approach or you may die! I myself have not finished the add-on yet but I can say I am enjoying it. If you are looking for another add-on for Fallout New Vegas I recommend this one especially!

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