Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is 3D Gaming the Future?

When we think of gaming we think of a controller, TV, and a console. But will 3D soon become a regular thing in gaming?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 has been Hacked - With Malicious Malware has been hacked recently. Don't go to this site at this time! Evening entering the site can infect your computer.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Minecraft will be Coming to Android September 29th

Minecraft will be coming to Android phones very soon. Just three days till it comes out. The iOS version will be coming out soon as well.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Mac Trojan Horse Could be in a PDF

Malware has been found on the Mac recently. The Mac is no longer safer then other OS's. This Trojan basically disguises itself as a PDF file...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Davidr64yt Continues Minecraft Series

Davidr64yt has recently begun his second season of Minecraft. He has posted three videos now as he starts a new adventure.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook Changes Its News Feed Creating One

Facebook has once again changed their layout. They have combined the two feeds into one large feed.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Creeper World: User Space Comes out to Promote

If you have heard about Creeper World you would probably know it's a pretty neat game. Well now Knuckle Cracker has created a free mini version of Creeper World so you can try it out!

Google+ is Open to All With Improvements

Google+ is now open to the public so you don't need to have an invitation. They have also added some new improvements.

Twitter Is Getting a New Data Center

Twitter will be moving to a brand new data center in Atlanta. Since Twitter has reached 100 million users it has been planning for this big move.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Facebook! You Really Need to Sink That Low?

Has anyone else realized Facebook taking content from its competitors? I sure have, smart friend lists, and the subscribe feature. Does Facebook really need to do this to itself? Is it really threatened by Google and Twitter?

RIM Loses 20% Market Shares

RIM the company that created BlackBerry has recently lost 20% of its market shares. With Google and Apple taking the market from RIM they have been having a hard time. RIM needs to change their strategies before it is to late. Wouldn't want to see a Canadian company loose itself.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is Twitter Really Worth Your Time?

A question I recently have been asking myself. I first looked at my experiences with Twitter and came up with three key points I noticed. People follow to be followed, some accounts are bots, Twitter is used to advertise. These key points bring out the problems with Twitter and judges if you really should use it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

IDF 2011 Keynote - The Highlights

Some great new technologies from Intel at IDF 2011. Check out the highlights in the video below.

Google Chrome Evolves With 32 Bug Fixes

Google Chrome received 32 patches last week. Chrome becomes a little bit safer from vulnerabilities.

Get Ready to Create With the Google+ API

Google released an API for Google+. You will be able to create apps for Google+, but it isn't quite finished yet.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

AMD FX Processor Peaks 8.429Ghz - World Record

AMD has done it, they broke the world record for the fastest processor. They reached 8.429Ghz!

Acquisio - Manage your PPC Campaigns With Ease

Acquisio is a neat campaign manager that allows you to optimize your campaigns to their full potential. Instead of having to manage multiple client campaigns individually Acquisio lets you do it in one place.

Telus - Get Bonus Cash When Topping Account

Telus has released a deal for customers which are emailed this offer. When topping up your account you are rewarded with a bonus amount.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BUILD Talks About Windows 8

Microsoft is taking a step up, BUILD2011 features Windows 8. Tune in to see all the new features Windows 8 will be having.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Look in the Lost and Found Apple

Apple has lost there dearest iPhone 5 prototype. When I read this news I asked myself, why was an iPhone prototype at a bar in the first place. This technology shouldn't ever end up there if it's a prototype! Anyway one mistake made and Conan O'Brian made a video about Apples "Response" to this incident.

Unknownware Blog Updates

This blog has recently had some changes. These changes were for the better of the blog, so it can be better for you, the viewer.

  • I have added a brand new page featuring my other blogs
  • The blog now has its own domain! This blog is now officially known as
  • You can now follow Unknownware by email.
  • On the left side of the blog you can see popular posts.
  • Added a proper About page.
  • Ads have been changed around.
  • Tags are now in a cloud.
Got any ideas or improvements you think this blog needs? Please feel free to give feedback!


Finally moved to our own URL. Makes me think it's getting a wee bit more professional.
Well, here's to a long long future of blogging!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Socratic Method with Binary

Found a great link to share. It demonstrates the Socratic method being used to teach binary to a third grade class. 19 out of 22 of the students understood binary, only 3 weren't quite there yet. I was surprised to see this, you don't usually see binary being taught to third graders. If you have time to read this I recommend it!

Yahoo Needs to Pack Their Bags Quickly

With Google and Facebook crushing Yahoo I believe Yahoo needs to get outta there. Yahoo has no chance against Google and Facebook. Yahoo has had its course and needs to step out. I hope the company realizes this before Yahoo is literally worth nothing.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

November 5th Becomes Near For Facebook and Anonymous

As the days past by the possibility of November 5th become unknown. Will Anonymous take down Facebook? This question can only be answered by the day of which it happens. Is your content on Facebook safe from this attack? Not certain, I myself am not to keen on Anonymous taking down Facebook. Who knows, they may just end up selling all the data they get. So with this said I simply never post much on Facebook (never have much anyway). I hope to one day use G+ only. Now I wait to see what November 5th brings.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Is File Transfer Really Up to Date?

xkcd's new comic demonstrates the many ways to transfer files but none being very easy. Most email services don't support large files, not everyone has an FTP server, not everyone has web hosting, megashareupload sites aren't the best,  AIM direct connect is to old, and DropBox you have to download it and set up. All these have there ups and downs but not everyone wants to use them. We don't have a "built-in" method. This would make is much easier to use and work with. Now that I think of it maybe Windows 8 will have something built into it, who knows. Anyway just wanted to share this interesting picture.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Linux Tricks and Hacks: How to Make A Secure Password - The Easy Way

The easy way to make passwords easy and secure.

Linux Tricks and Hacks: Why Linux Doesn't Need An Anti-Virus

The reason behind not needing an anti-virus on Linux.

Twitter Hits the Big 100M Users

Twitter has reached 100 million users! I'm glad to hear Twitter is increasing its numbers mainly because I myself use Twitter. What I hope is that they can keep it going. They have reached 100 million but that doesn't mean they will continue smoothly. Anyway keep it up Twitter!

Fully story here.

Yahoo for Sale

After Carol Bartz was fired Yahoo says they are accepting any offers. Yahoo being a company that's losing market share gets cheaper and cheaper as time passes. I can't see Yahoo selling for much in the future, it isn't a company that has much future. Yahoo has been beat out by Google and Facebook. Sorry Yahoo but you missed your chance when Microsoft offered $47.5 billion.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 Beta1 Released - Take a step up from 10.04

Ubuntu has released Ubuntu 11.10 beta recently. If you are an Ubuntu fan then I recommend checking out the beta! The final version is due October 13th, so if you are anxious to try it you should give the beta a try. You can download the beta here.

I myself use CrunchBang Linux but I definitively am a fan of Ubuntu. I first tried using Ubuntu but the box I was using didn't have enough RAM. I still enjoyed Ubuntu, I hope to one day use Ubuntu again.

Dragons Den Gets a New Dragon

Just found out the show Dragons Den will be having a new Dragon. If you have never heard of this show its basically about entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to successors. More information about the show can be found here.

Anyway here is the video about the new Dragon!

Minecraft's New Update's 1.8 Trailer is Out!

TeamMojang recently released the 1.8 update trailer. This trailer focuses on all the cool updates coming soon. The update is called the Adventure Update which gives an obvious hint that its focused on the exploring part of Minecraft. The update includes towns, improved combat, leveling, sprint, rivers, dungeons, mine shafts and more!

The new bow effect.

Trailer below.

Also here's the behind the scenes video!

Game Review -- R.U.S.E. -- Rife with trickery

Let me start off by saying, this is one of my favourite games. I play it very often, and enjoy it immensely. R.U.S.E.'s gameplay is a heavy focus on illusions and deception, requiring a lot of thought - but QUICK. As a real time strategy (RTS) game, you make decisions on the fly to react to your enemy - Or, if you're good, make HIM react to YOU. I found the campaign to be very engaging, the storyline very dramatic, and the multiplayer is a new challenge everytime.
There are different nations in R.U.S.E., (UK, USA, Italy, France, USSR, Germany and with a 400 point DLC, the Japanese) and these different factions have varying strengths and units. For instance, while the USA are a generally flexible faction, they have no specific strength. Compare this to, say, the Italians, which have fast, cheap units, and while they are weak, they can strike fast and get out, with the heavy artillery support that is also endorsed by the Italian faction.
All of these different factions and units make for hundreds of interesting strategies.
Unit wise, R.U.S.E. is your classic RTS setup, with the standard triangles, but a liiittle more complex. See, you can have tanks, which are effective against infantry, and anti-tank guns, which are effective against tanks but have no use against infantry. HOWEVER, infantry < tank is a flexible rule in R.U.S.E. with the addition of "hiding spots", being woods, swamps and city squares where anti-tank guns, infantry, and more can hide in. Units in these hiding spots cannot be seen without a recon vehicle or recon infantry, which reveal them. When hidden, infantry can use their range-limited but generally powerful anti-tank weapons on tanks that venture too close. This expands in a lot of different ways when you also add armored recon (recon with armor, and a weapon to boot!), anti-air guns, planes, artillery, and even special "prototype" units (late age, usually superheavy units). As I said, every game is a different experience.

So, to summarize:

Campaign (Single Player)
Storyline: 8/10 (It was good, but there are better ones out there.)
Difficulty: 6/10 (Not really that hard, IF you can figure out the patterns and identify weaknesses.)

Variety 9/10 (In terms of how many strategies, ways to react, etc., there is many.)
General Gameplay: 8/10 (Its an involving game, makes you think quite a bit. As there are many strategies, there are many different ways to play.)
Length of play per match: Very long: anywhere from 10 mins (not enough for a real match IMO) to an hour (what Tristan and I play)

Overall: 7.75/10

Gameplay is enjoyable, but you must be able to sit down for a while.
Personally, I recommend this game.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Carol Bartz Steps Down From the CEO of Yahoo

Carol Bartz stepped down as CEO of Yahoo. The company's chief financial officer has become the new CEO of Yahoo.

Anyway since I am on this topic, does anyone use Yahoo services anymore? Yahoo has been beat out by Google and other companies. So did it really matter that the CEO of Yahoo changed? I don't see Yahoo ever getting ahead of the other competitors anytime soon. I myself have only used Yahoo once, I made an email account with them then a day after I changed to Hotmail. Today I've gotten used to using Gmail though. Yahoo used to be at the top but it has fallen all the way to the bottom. Goodbye Yahoo, hello Google!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Will I use AffinityClick?

I recently decided to find an alternative to Adsense for their lack of understanding. Anyway I've been looking around for a bit and ended up finding AffinityClick. I looked into it and I am very pleased. I will look into some reviews tomorrow about it and see where I end up after that. Let me know if you think AffinityClick is a good PPC or if there is a better alternative.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Will davidr64yt Leave YouTube?

Davidr64yt may be leaving YouTube. I'm sure his fans won't be to happy about this. His gaming series are excellent and should continue!

Davidr64yt May Make YouTube His Full Time Job

In davidr64yt's recent YouTube video he explains how he might make YouTube his full time profession. But he also has reasons not too. I wonder what he is going to do with his time on YouTube. What do you think?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Facebook's New Tools for Your Status

Facebook recently came out with a new set of tools for your status. When logging into Facebook you are greeted with an option to follow the tour. This tour basically shows the new tools in your status. You now can add the friends of which you are with when you posted your status with a button. When clicking on it you are able to type in your friends names and they are added at the bottom of your status. The next button is the location button, you simply click it and type in where you are and it is added to your status. The last button is the privacy button, you can choose to share your status with only your friends, public, or custom.

This reminds me of Google+ because you are also able to choose who to share your status with. This is built in with friends because your friends are in groups so you have better control over who you share it with. And with these being together you scratch one extra button.

Google+ automatically finds your location instead of you typing it in though. This can make it easier for the user, but it could also scare the user because their location is being tracked by Google.

Looks to me that Facebook is trying to match Google+, they are adding new content similar to Google+. Is Facebook trying to add content to stay above Google+?

Great Collection of Programming, Hacking, and Math Books

Just wanted to share a great collection of ebooks I found on a great forum called Hack Talk.

Hack Talk is an ethical hacking forum, with the expressed purpose of educating the general public about hacking techniques, programming, network security, and many other areas.

Here are the current books that they have available, books from programming, hacking and mathematics. 
The following books are:

Many great books to read. Hope you enjoy them and maybe join their forum too! Hacked Recently

Been reading on some news and came across this. Seems was hacked. These hackers modified files, added malicious files, and some users were logged. I hope can recover from this and make their site better. I don't want to see the Linux Kernel ending up in the wrong hands.

Age of Empires Online New Features and Fixes This September

Age if Empires has posted on their forum that they are adding new content! They say most of this content will come out this September. One of the coolest new feature is the legendary gear. This gear is ultimately awesome and better then any gear. They also are adding new missions for level 40's.

More new features and bug fixed are as shown:

-Legendary Mode
    -new level 40 quests
    -new level 40 gear
    -new challenges

-Crete Reward Improvements
    -Fixed some bugs in the way rewards were being calculated for Co-op players who did not already have the associated quest.
    -Added 1 loot chest from the standard quest pool (not the custom Crete Loot Table) to all Crete quests (even “Elite Meet in Crete”)
    -Made sure the weekly quest, "Elite Meet in Crete," yields level-40 rewards
    -The Challenge difficulty setting now yields level 39 and 40 rewards for players of at least level 38 and higher (to get level-40 chests, select 20 or 30 waves in addition to Challenge or Impossible)
    -Increased XP for all standard invasion quests by 20-30%
    -Increased Coin reward for 20 waves by 20-30% on average
    -Increased Coin reward for 30 waves by 30-50% on average
    -Boosted Coin reward for "Elite Meet in Crete," from 300 to 5,000 Coin

    -You go straight to the action by starting at level 20
    -By purchasing the Pro Civ, you have immediate access to top leveling gear, Advisors, and quests. People     looking to hit PvP at a higher level sooner will also really like this type of civ
    -This civ acts as a great addition and complement your current Greek and Egyptian civilizations. By owning more than 1 civ, you will also receive an extra unit, the Golden Hippikon.

-Skirmish Hall
    -Huge new maps
    -Configurable AI strategies 
    -Customized starting resources and AI difficulty

-Additional Work
    -Making lots of Co-op and PvP improvements (the feedback has been great).  Some of these will appear in the upcoming patch.  Some are taking longer and will appear in the following patch.  Our team is focused on making both Co-Op and PVP better.
    -Improving trade channel and fixing hotlinks 
    -Improving Co-op rewards—specifically, what rewards people get when helping someone else Co-op.         
    -We’re still working on the right answer to this.
    -We also have fixes in the near future for the following:
        -Exploits in certain quests
        -PVP leaderboard problems
        -PVP matchmaking (we know level 40s are sometimes matching with level 5s)
        -Trade scamming

More info can be found here.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Google Chrome's Birthday

I remember when Chrome first came out. I woke up one morning and went to the Google homepage and realized something new. It appeared that Google made their own browser. So I looked into it and I liked what I saw so I downloaded it. I started tinkering with it, after a couple minutes I fell in love with it. Its clean design, speed, and convenience. Everything I wanted for a browser, plus it was Google. Three years later I'm still using Chrome and see no reason to change. Happy birthday Chrome!

Google Chrome on the Rise Still

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

One month later Chrome has gone up from 22.14% to 23.16%. While other browsers are losing the battle for most popular browser.

Other browsers:

IE - 42.45% to 41.89%
Firefox - 27.95% to 27.49%
Safari - 5.17% to 5.19%
Opera - 1.66% to 1.67%

Chrome is looking to be taking the title as the most popular browser one day.

+1 Anything You Want Thanks to New Chrome Extension

Google recently came out with the +1 Button as an extension for your Chrome browser. This allows you to +1 anything you want. You could even +1 this blog if you wanted too. It enables you to share much more then you usually could. Instead of sharing things that already had the +1 enabled, you can share any webpage with a click of a button. This new extension should increase the +1 popularity dramatically. It lets you +1 things much easier, something people would prefer.

I like the idea of being able to +1 any webpage because you can see if other people have too. It will be nice to know if other people also enjoyed a site. It would intrigue me to wanna stay longer and see why they +1'd it.

Find the extension here.