Monday, September 19, 2011

Facebook! You Really Need to Sink That Low?

Has anyone else realized Facebook taking content from its competitors? I sure have, smart friend lists, and the subscribe feature. Does Facebook really need to do this to itself? Is it really threatened by Google and Twitter?

When Facebook released the smart friends list I stopped and thought "Isn't that somewhere else?". Then I remembered that relates to Google+'s circles. It seems Facebook may be in trouble, they can't create new content for themselves so they have to "borrow" it from competitors.

Facebook also released its subscribe feature. You can subscribe to your favourite people on Facebook. Once again I thought to myself "Isn't that somewhere else?" and surely Twitter had something similar. This is also like Google+ because you can have a "following" circle.

Why does Facebook have to sink so low? Yes many companies do the same thing all the time but Facebook is making it very obvious and these new features just so happen to come out close to Google+'s release. I say Facebook is running out of options and needed to copy content to stay ahead. What interests me is Facebook couldn't create its own content. Are the developers working for Facebook not creative enough?

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