Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Creeper World: User Space Comes out to Promote

If you have heard about Creeper World you would probably know it's a pretty neat game. Well now Knuckle Cracker has created a free mini version of Creeper World so you can try it out!

I've been playing it for a bit now and I must say the levels are great. They are very unique and different from the ones you would find in the original game. You get to play 13 levels including the tutorial level. As you play the game the levels get harder and harder. I would recommend this free version if you want to try Creeper World out.

This new free version is basically meant to promote the original game. Knuckle Cracker did this a long time ago but nothing like this. The old free version was bland and didn't have such neat levels like this. I wonder how much this will benefit them.

You can find the free version here.

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