Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook Changes Its News Feed Creating One

Facebook has once again changed their layout. They have combined the two feeds into one large feed.

When I heard Facebook was combining both feeds I wasn't happy about it. I thought it would all pile up and be hard to find all of the news. But to my surprise it was quite nice. The one reason I enjoyed Facebook combining the feeds is you are able to select top stories from posts. When you do this you get more top posts that relate to what you really want. Say you want to keep Intel news at the top, all you do is click the corner of an Intel post and it will become a top post. Now other Intel posts or ones related to it will rank higher.

Another feature I noticed was the bar at the top of the screen. Your name and home etc are in a different layout now. It looks more modern and the look is nice.

Facebook also added a side news feed. Basically it gives you news about what your friends have liked and commented on. Not sure if this will benefit a lot but it's nice to see that extra feature.

Facebook is definitively just getting new features out to compete with its rivals. But the question is will it keep them at #1?

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