Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is Twitter Really Worth Your Time?

A question I recently have been asking myself. I first looked at my experiences with Twitter and came up with three key points I noticed. People follow to be followed, some accounts are bots, Twitter is used to advertise. These key points bring out the problems with Twitter and judges if you really should use it.

When on Twitter you may get people following you, but these people are following thousands of other people themselves. Why might they be doing this? To get more followers. They are hoping you will follow them back so they can reach a larger audience. Now this is a great method when trying to get a larger audience but it doesn't always mean you will get the audience of which you wanted. So when someone follows you make sure they are following you for your interests and not just to gain an extra follower.

I've noticed many accounts being controlled by bots. They send out messages and have auto following etc. These aren't people you want to follow. They serve no purpose but to gain a larger audience for themselves. They don't care about there followers, just the amount they have. These accounts usually are used to advertise solely to earn money.

When I started using Twitter I noticed many accounts advertised links and products. I did some research and found out there are programs which automates an advertising program on your account. It will post links that advertise such things and the account owner earns a profit from this. Bots and advertising tend to tie together like you see here. These accounts are only meant to earn money. These accounts are not worth your time.

The conclusion is you should use Twitter but not rely on it for traffic. Twitter can be used to promote your site/blog but you shouldn't expect all of your traffic to come from it. You need to focus on ranking in search engines etc instead. There is more to Twitter on the web.

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