Friday, September 2, 2011

Age of Empires Online New Features and Fixes This September

Age if Empires has posted on their forum that they are adding new content! They say most of this content will come out this September. One of the coolest new feature is the legendary gear. This gear is ultimately awesome and better then any gear. They also are adding new missions for level 40's.

More new features and bug fixed are as shown:

-Legendary Mode
    -new level 40 quests
    -new level 40 gear
    -new challenges

-Crete Reward Improvements
    -Fixed some bugs in the way rewards were being calculated for Co-op players who did not already have the associated quest.
    -Added 1 loot chest from the standard quest pool (not the custom Crete Loot Table) to all Crete quests (even “Elite Meet in Crete”)
    -Made sure the weekly quest, "Elite Meet in Crete," yields level-40 rewards
    -The Challenge difficulty setting now yields level 39 and 40 rewards for players of at least level 38 and higher (to get level-40 chests, select 20 or 30 waves in addition to Challenge or Impossible)
    -Increased XP for all standard invasion quests by 20-30%
    -Increased Coin reward for 20 waves by 20-30% on average
    -Increased Coin reward for 30 waves by 30-50% on average
    -Boosted Coin reward for "Elite Meet in Crete," from 300 to 5,000 Coin

    -You go straight to the action by starting at level 20
    -By purchasing the Pro Civ, you have immediate access to top leveling gear, Advisors, and quests. People     looking to hit PvP at a higher level sooner will also really like this type of civ
    -This civ acts as a great addition and complement your current Greek and Egyptian civilizations. By owning more than 1 civ, you will also receive an extra unit, the Golden Hippikon.

-Skirmish Hall
    -Huge new maps
    -Configurable AI strategies 
    -Customized starting resources and AI difficulty

-Additional Work
    -Making lots of Co-op and PvP improvements (the feedback has been great).  Some of these will appear in the upcoming patch.  Some are taking longer and will appear in the following patch.  Our team is focused on making both Co-Op and PVP better.
    -Improving trade channel and fixing hotlinks 
    -Improving Co-op rewards—specifically, what rewards people get when helping someone else Co-op.         
    -We’re still working on the right answer to this.
    -We also have fixes in the near future for the following:
        -Exploits in certain quests
        -PVP leaderboard problems
        -PVP matchmaking (we know level 40s are sometimes matching with level 5s)
        -Trade scamming

More info can be found here.


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