Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Google+ is Open to All With Improvements

Google+ is now open to the public so you don't need to have an invitation. They have also added some new improvements.

Since Google+ is open to the public now I expect to see many more users join from curiosity. The next couple months will decide where Google+ is going in the future.

Google has also added some new improvements to Google+. Some of the new improvements are quite interesting and I would like to see them do well. Here is a list of the improvements found at Google's blog.

  • You can now have hangouts on your phone. 
  • Hangouts on Air lets you have a larger audience.
  • Hangouts has some neat extras.
  • You can now search in Google+.
  • And anyone can join Google+!
  • Many more.

Find more information at Google's blog!

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