Friday, February 3, 2012

FBI Admits to Anonymous Tapping Into FBI Conference Call

The FBI has admitted to Anonymous tapping into a FBI conference call.

The conference was between FBI officials and UK authorities. The FBI admitted to Anonymous eavesdropping on the call but says the phone call itself wasn't hacked. The FBI said Anonymous somehow obtained the email which had the login information to the conference call. The login information was sent to 44 people including the FBI and overseas agencies on January 13th.

One thing discussed during the conference call talked about the hacking of Steam last year. They talked about the hacker (TEHWONGZ) who hacked Steam.

Since the tapping the FBI has been investigating the hack. "The information was intended for law enforcement officers and was illegally obtained," said the FBI.

I was surprised to hear the FBI admitted to a hack. I was expecting them to attempt to hide it and keep it low key.

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