Monday, February 20, 2012

The New Reddit-Originated Free Internet Bill (FIA)

A new user-made bill called the Free Internet Bill, has sparked up on Reddit. The bill is designed to protect the Internet. 

A Reddit user who goes by the name of "RoyalWithCheese22" started the whole group. Royal came up with this idea from the recent bills such as SOPA and PIPA which sparked up recently. Royal doesn't consider himself to be a leader of the group even though he is a moderator. 

A quick explanation can be found on the sidebar of the subreddit: 

“To promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation by preventing the restriction of liberty and preventing the means of censorship. FIA will allow internet users to browse freely without any means of censorship, users have the right to free speech and to free knowledge; we govern the content of the internet, governments don’t. However enforcements/laws must also be put into place to protect copyrighted content.”

Another user on Reddit who's named "Downing_Street_Cat" saw Royal's post and created a subreddit on FIA.

There is no sign if FIA will actually become an actual bill. 

The group has become very popular in a short amount of time. It continues to gain popularity. Make sure to check out FIA and upvote it while you're there!

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