Thursday, February 16, 2012

The U.S. Army Orders 1100 Recon Bots

The U.S. Army has ordered 1100 recons bots from ReconRobotics Inc. on Wednesday.

Each robot kit contains one robot, one carrying case, and one charging system which is either AC or a charger that uses military radio batteries to the charge the lithium power battery which the robots use.

"The Recon Scout XT enables you to conduct video reconnaissance in cluttered indoor environments as well as in outdoor landscapes of dirt, sand and rocks", the company describes.

The Recon XT robot is equipped with powerful motors, and strong wheels. The Recon Scout XT has the speed, maneuverability, and power to master the battlefield.

This order is the largest order ReconRobotics Inc. has received yet. The future of ReconRobotics Inc. is quite bright. They have sparked a solid interest from the U.S. Army.

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