Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blogger's New Layout

Blogger has recently changed their layout! Its nice that it happened today because I was going to change the tags of my posts and sort everything but I couldn't do it efficiently with the old layout. With this new layout I can do it efficiently and I have! Every post is neat and tidy and the tags are on the side ------> 

Anyway this new layout reminds me of the Google+ layout. It's clean and easy to use and I feel that I can do things more efficiently. Like I said earlier I am able to change the tags of posts with just a couple clicks. Some noticeable changes are the post editor, and the new overview. 

The post editor is now larger and gives you more work space to work with. Notice the clean interface, on the right is the sidebar with post settings. These settings include labels, schedule, location, and more options.

The new overview makes it easier for you to track your views and stats about your viewers. With the clean layout it gives you all the stats you would need. Including comments awaiting moderation, published comments, page-views today, posts, followers, and more.

To me these are great improvements, it will surely make it easier for me. Leave a comment with your thoughts or share!

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