Thursday, August 25, 2011

R.U.S.E is Getting Easy

I got RUSE when it first came out and I've noticed recently online 2v2 has gotten easier. I play with my friend online and we rarely loose now. Then again now that I think of it we could just be getting better. It isn't like many people play RUSE. People prefer basic games like shooters which require less strategy. RUSE is a very heavy strategy game, one of the reasons I got it. Strategy is the best game type for me, I enjoy playing it. I like the ability to strategize instead of running round shooting in a shooter. Anyway since there are less people playing the game there is less competition for 2v2. We do however loose every once and awhile but usually we can get huge win streaks. I hope they end up making another game like RUSE. It is and will always be one of my favourite Xbox360 games.

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