Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bought Age of Empires Online Greek Civilization

Just bought the Greek civilization pack on AOEO so I get all of the content. Without this I was left with little to nothing. I couldn't get the most out of the game without paying for it. When I was in the beta we were given the full game and I assumed that I would get the same when the game came out. I was mistaken. I gave it a day then I decided I was going to buy the Greek civilization to get the full game. It was only $20 CAD, to me that is a great price because most games nowadays are at least $60 CAD. Anyway I've been playing it and have enjoyed it a lot. I enjoy the AOE series and am glad to have this one too. If you enjoy strategy games or any of the AOE I would suggest you give this game a try and may end up buying it. You don't have to be the Greeks, you can be the Egyptians if you want too.

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