Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Google Introduces Search Plus Your World

Google announced the release of Search Plus Your World yesterday. Search Plus Your World includes personnel results, profiles in search, and profiles and pages when you search.

Search Plus enables personnel content from Google+ to affect your searches. Your personnel results include photos and posts which then end up in your searches. For example if you were to search your favourite dog and you just so happened to have posted a picture of it on your Google+ account it would end up in your search results. This also includes people in your circles. If they also had pictures of your favourite dog they would also end up in your search results.

You do have the option to turn off these personnel searches if you don't want it.

Twitter has raised a concern on Google's new feature. Twitter claims it will be harder to find timely Twitter posts about news from protesters in Egypt and Syria.

The problem with Twitter raising this concern is that it didn't renew its search result agreement with Google in July. So a lot of Twitter's data has been walled off.

This new feature is a neat thing to use but sometimes you just aren't searching for personnel content. Luckily you can simply turn Search Plus off at anytime you want. When you want to use Google Search for personnel searching you can simply turn it on.

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