Monday, January 16, 2012

The Revolutionary PowerTrekk System - Power Your Gadgets With Water

Hiking in the woods with electronics can be tricky. Signa Chemistry has created a mini charger which charges your devices with only one tablespoon of water.

This mini charger only uses water to power devices. Just by adding one tablespoon of water the charger acts as four AA batteries. This charger would give approximately ten hours of phone battery life. Only one tablespoon is needed to power a phone for ten hours.

Into the scientific part of this charger is interesting. Basically the metal tin can -- where you put the water -- contains a chemical called sodium silicide. This chemical reacts with the water to produce hydrogen gas. The gas then passes into a membrane where the gas mixes with oxygen which produces electricity. Water vapour is also created but evaporates away. Basically this charger is a hydrogen fuel cell.

The PowerTrekk system as its called is being produced and should be available by May in REI stores. The charger will cost approximately $200.

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