Wednesday, January 18, 2012

IBM's Vision of Future Technology

It's IBM's sixth annual "Next 5 in 5" where IBM displays its vision of future technology.

There were five sections discussed.
  • Energy
  • Security
  • Mind Reading
  • Mobile
  • Analytics
Energy could come from new areas such as running water, bicycles and walking.

Passwords won't be needed. Eyes and speech will be the new password.

Mind Reading
Scientists could test brain patterns to help understand autism.

Mobile phones will help countries communicate more.

Spam will be controlled more effectively and your devices will know what you want to see.

Personally I don't think all of these ideas will happen. Having cell phones accesible to third world countries isn't something you would expect. They may need proper electricity before that will happen. I have to agree with the new security more than anything else listed. We are already starting to see that in some places. I liked the idea about energy. Using everything that moves as a generator would be a neat idea. It is a little hard to accomplish but it is a neat idea. Overall there could have been other interesting ideas added but nonetheless this was interesting to read.

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