Thursday, January 12, 2012

Microsoft Plans to Create Real-Time Threat Feeds

Microsoft has announced it will be creating a real-time feed that it and its partners can use to evaluate threats and build better defences against threats.

So far Microsoft has begun internal beta tests. Microsoft collects infected nodes with the Kelihos bot and then shares it with partners such as ISPs, private organizations, government agencies, and CERTs.

A report on Kaspersky Labs explains, “Microsoft collects the data by leveraging its huge Internet infrastructure, including a load-balanced, 80gb/second global network, to swallow botnets whole -- pointing botnet infected hosts to addresses that Microsoft controls, capturing their activity and effectively taking them offline.”

Microsoft hasn't said when this threat feed will be released.

This idea Microsoft has is interesting. If all companies were to unite and share this kind of data, threats could be controlled effectively.

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