Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Anonymous Creates Credit Card Fraud Campaign - Operation Robin Hood

Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN have teamed up and created a credit card fraud campaign. Their alliance is called p0isAnon.

They named their campaign "Operation Robin Hood" which relates to Robin Hood, the English outlaw who stole money and gave it to the poor. 

Operation Robin Hood will focus on stealing credit cards and donating the money to the 99 percent. This money will go towards charities and other organizations.

Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN aim at helping the 99% as much as possible. They also are doing this due to the SOPA bill that may pass soon.

P0isAnon said they are not scared of any police, secret service, or any other government law enforcement.

Could this campaign end up hurting the people they are trying to help?

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