Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stop SOPA - The Future of the Internet Depends on it

SOPA, the bill that will change the Internet. Will it pass? I hope not.

The SOPA bill in the US will enable the US government to censor websites, punish users, and have general control over the internet.

This bill will affect any website the US government thinks should be blocked. The US government will have general control of the Internet in the US. No citizen can freely browse any site they wish. The population will be controlled. Free speech will be affected enormously. If the government doesn't like it they simply can block it and shut it down.

Even though this bill is for the US only it would still affect the world.

This bill must be prevented. Too much control is never good!

Learn more about SOPA with this infographic(Click to enlarge):

Check out this video!

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