Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bill Gates has Helped Steve Jobs with the Mac

Now you may assume Bill Gates would instead insult Steve Jobs like Jobs did in the past. But no, Gates never said anything negative towards Jobs. Gates just said he helped create the Mac.

In a recent interview on ABC Gates simply explained this.

"Well, Steve and I worked together, creating the Mac. We (Microsoft) had more people on it, did the key software for it."

"So, over the course of the 30 years we worked together, you know, he said a lot of very nice things about me and he said a lot of tough things. I mean, he faced several times at Apple the fact that their products were so premium priced they literally might not stay in the marketplace. So, the fact that we were succeeding with high-volume products, including a range of prices, because of the way we worked with multiple companies, its tough.

"At various times, he felt beleaguered. He felt like he was the good guy and we were the bad guys. You know, very understandable. I respect Steve, we got to work together. We spurred each other on, even as competitors. None of that bothers me at all."

In this interview Gates did not insult or criticize Jobs. He was mannered and got his point across.

Now Gates did in fact help Apple. Apple did go under years back and Microsoft invested in Apple when Apple was going under.

So Microsoft has helped Apple greatly in the long run. Microsoft may have to do it again though. Apple isn't looking the best in sales recently and may not bounce back.

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