Saturday, November 12, 2011

QikPad - The Online Collaboration Tool

QikPad, the new online collaboration tool. With QikPad you can work together on projects with other people in real-time.

To start off all you need to do is create a QikPad. You then can invite other people to join your QikPad. You can share your link on many social network sites or you can just send your link to a friend. QikPad offers real-time updates so you can interact with other people easily.

QikPad is great for collaborating on projects, work, education, working on code, and more. You can easily chat with other people with the inbuilt chat function. With it you can set your name and colour.

When I first tried QikPad out I found it easy to use. The interface was easy to figure out. I would recommend QikPad to anyone interested in working on projects with others.

Try QikPad out today! This tool is great for working on projects with other people.

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