Friday, November 11, 2011

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Stunning Game

Skyrim came out today. I haven't played a good game like this since Fallout New Vegas.

The game is very nice to play. The graphics are welcoming to any player. The map is enormous to explore. I can see myself playing this game for hours on end. I like how you are able to explore the world at your own pace. You aren't controlled like some games.

One of my favourite things in Skyrim is the skill system. You gain skill as you preform the skill. The tech tree is huge. You an choose from many possible routes. You can be an archer, swordsmen, mage, or mixed. You can play the game anyway you like!

I have just played 2 hours in or so into the game and I must say it's enjoyable. The landscape you see just makes you want to explore.

If you liked the series or even the Fallout series. I recommend this game!

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