Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CrunchBang Linux Configuring Openbox menu.xml

To configure this file is quite easy. If you ever want to add something to the Openbox menu your at the right place.

First you want to locate the menu.xml file which can be located when you:

Right-click - settings - Openbox Config - Edit menu.xml

When you click that you will open the file and see the basic syntax for adding something.

<item label="NAME OF ITEM">// The name that will appear to the user to click
<action name="Execute">   // Stating to execute the following
                 // what program to launch example: gedit
</execute>           // closing tag
</action>                 // closing tag
</item>                        // closing tag

In between the <execute> tags you will have to put a command to run the program. I found the exact command you need to run the program by right-clicking on the icon of the program you want to run. Then go to launcher and look for the command.

Icon - right-click - launcher - command

After you do all of this you want to restart Openbox, to do this follow these steps:

Right-click - Settings - Openbox Config - Restart

After this try it out, should work perfectly. Enjoy!

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