Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to be a Better Programmer

Tips to be a better programmer.


    We all forget to comment now and then, but you need to break that. Commenting is very useful. Say you make some code one day and forget about it for a couple months. You end up coming back to it and can't seem to figure out what it does. If you had added comments future you wouldn't have had that problem. So next time you are coding add a couple comments here and there. It will make it easier for you.

Plan Before Coding

    When you begin coding you should have a plan. This will make coding much more fluent and easier. If you know what your going to code you won't have problems when coding. You can just look back to the plan and get back to coding. But if you dive right into coding you won't have any clue on what you will be coding. You will end up making mistakes and it won't turn out the way it could have if you planned it out.


    When coding you want the code itself be relatively easy to understand. If you name variables a, b, etc.. it won't make sense when reading. If you named those so they were relevant to what they were being used for it would make more sense to the reader.

Try Something New

    Try something new every so often when you code, this will extend your knowledge. If you know more you can approach a problem in many different ways. You don;t have to stay in your comfort zone all the time, next time try something new even if it's a little thing.


    Follow these basic 4 tips and you will be a better programmer, always good to improve in your work!

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