Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: UPS APC 550VA 330W BE550G

Recently bought a UPS. As stated in the title it is the APC 550VA 330W BE550G. I bought this UPS simply to keep my computers up and running without losing data if the power went out.

When I started you set it up it was easy. I just had to plug in the battery in the unit, then I just plugged everything I wanted in. I plugged in my 2 PCs and my monitors, and other devices. Then I turned it on and it was ready to go.

I only found one problem with the unit, it wasn't easy to plug into the UPS, you had to give force. I didn't expect this at first because a usual outlet is easy to plug things into. Otherwise it was an easy set up. minus the rearranging of some things to make it fit.

If I were to recommend this to somebody I definitively would. Thanks for reading.

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