Friday, July 22, 2011

G+ Buggy but Amazing to Try

Recently got an invite to G+. I was so amazed how amazing the site was, it had many things I wish Facebook had. One having the ability to edit a post without having to delete it. Something I love to have available! But since it still is in beta I have to expect bugs. And yes I have experienced some. One being so you can't edit a post, now that's ironic isn't it?

On to more thoughts. What I really enjoy is the groups, you don't have to have close friends etc. like you did on Facebook (well for me anyways). I get a sense that it could also replace Twitter, I think this because you can direct posts to certain groups, one group could be your followers. See where I'm going with this? It has a chance of doing this but I can't quite tell exactly. G+ is new and young, it needs time to see the world and see how the world adapts to it.

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