Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From Dust Review

Released today, From Dust is a modern god game. I'll start off saying this game has amazing physics. I myself crave physics, they make the game much more enjoyable. To give some examples of the physics i'll start with the water. The water will erode the sand if there isn't any vegetation. The sand will then flow down the current to the end. I neat thing to add is the water will turn to a muddy-like colour when flowing with sand. This effect will create new rivers and currents. 

Since you are the tribes god it doesn't mean you can start spawning anything you want. What you do is move and reshape the landscape you are given with. Your goal is to claim all of the totems and then go to the exit to proceed to the next level. This arcade game is only 1200 gamer points, that really isn't that bad due to the amazing gameplay and physics.

Now some more information about the game! There are 4 materials you use. 

Sand - make basic land, can be washed away.
Water - and promote growth for vegetation and washes away sand. It also cools lava to form rock.
Lava - Creates fire and can cool to form rock from water and when it is still.
Rock - Cannot be moved but will not wash away

With these 4 materials you lead your tribe to the end. Now in some of the maps there are water/lava spawners. These simply spawn water/lava forever. However the water spawner can be block preventing it from producing water. There are tones of levels to complete and there are also challenge levels giving you more play time. I will not say where in the game but there is a sandbox! For what I've played with the game I love it. It amazes me how new rivers can form and the terrain changes around you rapidly. Any god-game lovers need this game.

More Pictures and Link to Trailer

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