Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Android Reaches 10 Billion App Downloads - 10 Cent Apps for 10 Days

The Android market has reached 10 billion downloads! With this achievement comes 10 cent apps. For 10 days you can purchase certain apps for only 10 cents.

Check out the Android store now to start shopping. You can also check out Google's blog describing this awesome deal you can be part of.

Today's new apps you can download for 10 cents are:

Fruit Ninja
BB - Bedtime Battle
AirSync by doubleTwist
Flick Golf!
Star Chart
Reckless Racing
Reckless Racing PLAY
Christmas HD
NFL Rivals
Beautiful Widgets
Read It Later Pro

You can find all of these apps here.

The Android Market has been booming this year. The market reached 10 billion downloads from 1 billion in just a little more than a year.

The Android Market continues to grow rapidly. Android is looking good for the future to come. Make sure to get this deal while it lasts!

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