Saturday, December 3, 2011

Youtube Gets a New Look - Access Everything with One Click

Youtube recently has had a makeover. Instead of seeing just videos, lots of white space, and the top bar, you are greeted with a gray page featuring your subscriptions, recommendations, and much more on one page.

This new look is supposed to make Youtube easier to use since everything is on one page. You can access everything much quicker and easier.

In Youtube's new layout you have a dark grey bar on the side. This bar features your subscriptions, suggested channels, trending videos, popular videos, and much more. Clicking on these changes the center content based on what you clicked such as popular videos. On the right side are recommended videos.

Make sure to watch Youtube's tour of the new layout:

The new layout is quite convenient. You can easily access everything you want with less clicks. I only find the new look a little crowding. I don't want to see recommended videos because I never use it. That space could be used to see more videos that I'm subscribed too. Do you like the new look?

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