Friday, December 23, 2011

Eye Control for Mobile Devices - Senseye

There are many reasons to buy a smartphone, but Senseye makes it much more interesting.

Senseye lets the user use their eyes to control the device. You can scroll without using your hands. It also knows when you are looking at the screen so it will only be bright when you are looking at it. This new technology even lets you play games with your eyes.

Senseye has won two awards. ABB Global Innovation Award for best overall technology showcase and 1st runner-up in ICT Championship.

Senseye is a very cool technology. Being able to interact with your smartphone just by looking at it would be convenient and also fun. This technology looks to be the next step for smartphones. It beats a touch interface in some areas but not in everything. Being able to scroll with your eyes is cool, but if you were to try to type with your eyes that would be quite hard to get used to.

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